This is a WIN, WIN, WIN for everyone!

The family WINS because of the investment made in creating an environment where they can come together and experience a life-changing story presented in a memorable way. The local church WINS because it has created an actual environment where real family interaction can occur and new, everlasting relationships are built. The Kingdom of God WINS because the Gospel message is communicated in a variety of ways so that the heart and soul of those who attend are touched in a memorable, inspiring way.

Who: This is for all generations and cultures, from all walks of life and from every area of the community.

What: A multi-sensory storytelling experience.

Where: Hosted in local school auditoriums, community centers, open-air theatres, movie theatres and churches.

When: Any time an organization wishes to impact their community in a positive way…whether it is a one time event, once a year, once a quarter or a new experience each month.

How: A specialized team will travel to your site with everything needed to bring that desired story to life.

Why: Families are looking for a place where they can spend quality time together in a safe, fun and entertaining environment. These events provide a setting where stories come alive in a fresh, exciting, memorable and life-changing way.

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